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Well equiped apartments offer an amazing accommodation not only for families with children but also for larger groups of friends. Our goal is to provide a welcoming enviroment for your get-away. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable and your only worry is to have a great time. Congratulations, now you can tick off the first item on your holiday preparation list.

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What do we have to offer?

Generously equipped ensuit bedrooms with their own kitchen, microwave, kettle and TV. In the common area you can find a pool, a plasma TV and an additional kitchen. A traditionally designed south bohemian garden with a barbecue seduces you to get lazy in the soft green grass or in the comfortable deck chairs.

Want to do something for your wellbeing? Rest the muscles in our whirlpool or have a little sweat-out session in the sauna. If you want to get more active, you can go for a dip in the swimming pool while enjoying the beautiful calmness of the surrounding nature.

Individual prices
  • 3x
    Four beds with the option of two extra beds
    • 4
    • 2
  • 2x
    Two beds with the option of two extra beds
    • 2
    • 2
  • 1x
    Two beds equipped for the stay of disabled people
    • 2
  • 1x
    Two beds room
    • 2

All our guests can enjoy

  • WIFI
  • Sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Pool table
  • Free parking
  • Large garden
  • Playground
  • Table tennis
  • Grill
  • TV in every room
  • Bike storage
  • Air condition

How great looking are all our apartments?

We do not have only one apartment to show. They all look awesome!
Apartment 2 is suitable for handicapped.

  • Apartmán 11, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 11, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 11, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 11, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 12, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 12, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 12, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 12, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 13, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 13, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 13, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 13, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 14, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 14, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 14, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 14, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 21, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 21, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 21, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 21, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 22, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 22, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 22, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 22, fotka 4
  • Apartmán 23, fotka 1
  • Apartmán 23, fotka 2
  • Apartmán 23, fotka 3
  • Apartmán 23, fotka 4

They said about us

  • Deni Samková, Slaný

    Family ambience, extra accommodation with full equipment. Sourrounded by nature with many occasions for rest or cycling.

  • Adéla Vágnerová, Praha

    High accommodation standard with good value for money, wonderful nature. Best for family and children.

  • Michal Jetel, Praha

    Simply - geat! I recommed this accommodation!


If you fancy going for a few trips while staying with us, we recommend the unique chain bridge near Stádlec. Further down the river in the town of Dobronice there is a lake and a public swimming pool with the breathtaking view of a castle ruins.
In Bechyně you can visit the castle and play golf. The green tourist route from Bechyně to Podolsko invites you to join a beautiful bike ride which passes by a lookout, Burkovak mountain, a natural park Plziny and end up by the Vltava river. You can also follow the 31, 1136, 1137, 1098 and 109 cycle routes.

Tips for trips

Overview of the best trips around south-bohemian town of Bechyně.

Bechyně výlety

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Apartments Lhota
Haškovcova Lhota 8
391 65 Bechyně

GPS: 49.332204, 14.466472

Lhota s.r.o.
IČ: 28124006

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